“Like its author, this little book is packed full of wit, wisdom and good things.”
- Matthew Macfadyen


‘A complete joy, unique, a book for all seasons’ - ReviewsGate.com

‘Sage advice and wisdom for actors, and non-actors alike... truthful, eye-opening and insightful, reading it feels like getting tips and advice from a friend down the pub; it is a goldmine of information’ - Huffington Post

‘It’s a little book and it’s fun. If you get only one useful nugget it will have paid for itself. ... Worth the cover price for the quotations alone.’ - The Stage

‘A treasure trove of great advice about acting – though most of it applies to being a freelance creative too. It is empowering, funny, insightful and honest – a best-friend of a book to dip into whenever your creative spirits need a bit of a magic-dust uplift.’
- Adele Mitchell, www.foundbeautiful.com