“Andy’s distilled guidebook is smart, hilarious, and just might get you work!”
- Neil Patrick Harris

About the book…

The Golden Rules of Acting offers real-world advice on how to be an actor, written by a working actor with 25 years’ experience.

The book combines innovative design with short, punchy bulletpoints to get its message across in a totally memorable way.

Read it and you will discover...

• How to survive drama school (and cherish the experience)
• The essential things you must do before every audition
• The simplest, most effective tricks for dealing with rejection (it happens to us all)
• What to do in rehearsals, and the rule of three when it comes to directors’ notes
• How to behave on a film set (and the distractions you’ll need to avoid)
• The greatest myths about acting, and the truths most actors won’t admit
• How to sustain a career… and the ONE THING you should remember above all else

Always honest, challenging and funny, The Golden Rules of Acting is a source of comfort and inspiration for actors at any stage of their career.

It’s waiting for you to discover it NOW.Golden Rules of Acting Book