“Christians have the bible, now actors have this book. At last, everyone is happy.”
- Simon Pegg

This book…

• won’t tell you how to act – but it will tell you how to be an actor
• contains everything you need to know to stay sane and succeed in the acting profession
• is written in easy-to-read nuggets
• is for you!*

* assuming you are…

• a working actor
• a drama-school student
• someone who wants to become an actor**

** Or actually, anyone at all.
As long as you have a dream and want to make it a reality.

Golden Rules BookANDY NYMAN learnt the golden rules of acting the hard way, through twenty-five years of working in theatre, film and television.

Buy the book!On stage, he co-wrote, co-directed and starred in the West End hit Ghost Stories, and won an Olivier Award for Best Entertainment for co-writing and directing Something Wicked This Way Comes with his regular collaborator Derren Brown.

His many film appearances include cult favourite Severance and Frank Oz’s Death at a Funeral.

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